Prefects & Student Voice

Student Newsletters during the COVID-19 lockdown

Our Head Boy and Girl (Toby Arnold and Martha Airey) have created regular Student Newsletters showcasing how strong and positive our school community is during these unprecedented times. They would like students to let them know how they are coping during this time. Please let them know about any fundraising initiatives, fun activities that promote wellbeing or new hobbies that you have been involved in. Teachers and Sixth Form students will be getting involved too!

Copies of the newsletters can be found here:

Congratulations to our 2019/20 Head Boy Toby Arnold and Head Girl Martha Airey.

They are both great role models and ambassadors for the academy.

We are also delighted to announce the following Year 12 students have been appointed to lead the academy in the following areas:

  • John Loudon – Head of Prefects
  • Amy Burchell – Head of Peer Mentoring (KS4)
  • Dan Broderick – Head of Peer Mentoring (KS3)
  • Ewan Massey – Head of Student Council


They will join Toby and Martha to form a dynamic leadership team that will support and represent all of our students in the forthcoming academic year.