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Headteachers Blog - 11/05/18

Following a wonderful weekend we have returned to the Academy this week under full steam with the exams rapidly approaching.

I have had several conversations regarding uniform with parents this week, we are continuing to  raise  standards across all areas at John Port, and uniform is a part of this improvement. Contrary to the information, students have shared with parents we do allow students to remove their blazers in lessons when classrooms are warm and at social times on the field. Students are able to fill water bottles at the start of the day, break time and lunchtime but are not permitted to leave lessons to fill bottles due to the disruption to learning these causes.

I am sure you would like to join me in wishing  Year 11 students all the best  over the next 4 weeks as the written GCSE examinations start on Monday 14th May. If there are any issues for students during the exam series please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to support students at the earliest opportunity. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank parents and staff who have supported the students attending holiday and after school revision classes.

We have unfortunately had a bad run with absence which has led to more cover lessons. We have had a really good run of appointments following interviews this week and have successfully recruited a new Science teacher, two geography teachers and two language teachers. We are continuing to recruit over the next few weeks to ensure that we are fully staffed with qualified staff from September.

We are constantly looking to improve safeguarding around the site. Due to the large number of access points, it has been difficult to ensure that only staff and students were accessing the site in the morning and evening. We tried reducing the entrances to the front of the school, however this created access issues for students being dropped off by parents. The main entrance to the school remains open, the pedestrian access near the Derwent building is also open from 8.00, and staff are present at these gates at this time until they are locked at 8.45. Access is through reception at all other times.

Karen Squire