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Paintballing 17, a blast as usual and a fundraising success!

July brings with it once again our personal challenge Enrichment Day here at JPS, as we have done many times in the past this included the annual Y9 & Y10 Paintballing Trip at WildPark Derbyshire.

Paintballing Image

Paintballing Image

It is fair to say we all had a great day as usual however this year brought with it a slight twist that gave a unique opportunity for the students, and they made no attempt to hide their excitement…

It is at this point I must thank Mr Croft, Mr Kenyon, Mr Parker, Mr Needham and Mr Robins for joining me in a charity fundraiser for Derbyshire MIND, a local youth mental health charity. These brave men faced a 110 student strong firing squad to complete an unarmed rabbit run! So much paint, lots of pain and bruises that are going to be here for days to come.

Paintballing Image

It is with great pleasure that I can thank the staff and students (it must have been so difficult to open fire and completely pepper their favourite teachers), and as a result we raised over £200 for this worth charity as part of the Artemis House fundraising efforts.



Best Wishes,

Mr D Barry