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National Anti-bullying week 2017

National Anti-bullying week 2017 took place between the 13th and 17th November. The theme for this year was ‘All Different, All Equal’. The aim we had for all students were to:

  • Empower all young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique
  • Help young people understand  how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying
  • To reiterate that John Port school has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying.

For this week we collapsed the registration activities to get the whole form working together to produce a form booklet that looked at how we can all celebrate the differences in all of us. Some of the areas that were looked at were:

  • Different ethnicities
  • Sexuality
  • Religions
  • Size and height
  • Boys and girls
  • Hair colour

We then judged each form’s ‘All different, All equal booklet’ and managed to choose a winner in each year (2 in some cases where they were too hard to split!). The competition was amazing but we did manage to find our ultimate winners.


7P and 7J


9O and 9P

10H and 10S


This went in to an overall school competition of which 7J and 9P were joint school winners. Congratulations to both forms.