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Welcome to Athena House

Head of House - Mrs Kniveton

Our motto underpins the values of our house. Opportunity, Wisdom, Legacy

  • Take every day as an opportunity,
  • Learn from your experiences, they create wisdom,
  • Leave a legacy so that others may benefit from your success, 


Athena students like to get involved and they were asked about what it means to be an Athenian.

To be an Athenian means to have strong community values and making everyone feel welcome.

We are competitive and get involved in all sorts of events and competitions.

During the 2015-16 acedemic year we were the house who raised the most money for our house charity; The Chestnut Centre. With the money we gave the centre we were able to adopt three owls.

Grey Horned Owl


Milky Eyed Eagle Owl



Southern White Faced Owl